Beach wedding

Hi, guys. It’s been a while since I have updated my page. I was really busy for the past few weeks and finally I’m  back blogging. I am so happy to share a beautiful memory I had last March in Thailand when I attended a romantic, fun and colorful wedding between Hannah and Arlene.

This wedding will always stay close to my heart for the rest of my life.

The wedding was amazing, understated and filled with love in every detail.  The brides were joined by their family, relatives and close friends including me. Both were wearing same dresses that I was obsessed with, but my absolute favorite part is the elated grin on both of their faces.

I can not describe in words how beautiful the wedding was. That day, everything around us was in harmony. The  wedding, weather, beach, resort, food and literally everything was perfect.  The food and drinks that were served during the reception and sit-down dinner were great. The after dinner party was super cool and full of fun.  DJ Angela from Barcelona, a good friend of the brides, played music for us all night.

If you guys are planning  to have a beach wedding I strongly suggest that you consider doing it in Ko Phangan, Thailand. The ocean there was perfectly beautiful both day and night. Santhiya Koh Phangan Resort and Spa is where the wedding was held and where most of the guests stayed.  It was right on the beach and the restaurant has a balcony facing toward the ocean which is so romantic while dining there. Oh, I can still imagine it. Finally, to Hannah and Arlene, thanks for having me and experience one of the unforgettable events in my life. I hope to see  you guys in December.

I want to marry because of enormous love like theirs.

Only love can build everything you want.


Hannah&Arlene 2016.03.05

arlene hannah


13533097_1313003025451498_2435377923051097409_n (1)How adorable.

Hannah and Arlene’s love story is like how elephants find their lifetime partner…

13558953_1313003028784831_3830477593630952508_o13529082_1313003035451497_1561200589559842020_n12976871_10153714030892779_1784890475693400950_o13603630_1313003212118146_5054586730159363283_oI love this photo that i took. I was so excited that day.13557841_1313003032118164_8127650942219112744_n13619929_1313003215451479_1756006929927723137_n13558713_1313020385449762_953826806035193543_o12790857_10153607994962779_1402324301658195439_nI am there who is wearing the floral dress and green sunglasses. Find me12814076_10153908592643286_4900815378269874142_n13592362_1313026775449123_7433198758854840414_n13576805_1313017212116746_5750141870328597043_o

with the lovely brides, Hannah and Arlene.


Thank you for having me.