I turned to 23 yesterday. It was an amazing day that I haven’t expected. Thank you so much all.

Of course, I learned much more than 23 things but those are essential things in my life. I am still learning. Let’s get started.

1. Family comes first

2. Your happiness is the most important thing in your life.

3. Your passion and pursue

Figure out what u really like, what u really wanna do. Don’t take an advice from people who don’t  understand or believe in your passions. You are just basically setting yourself up for failure.

4.Speak up

Tell people your feelings. No one is a MIND READER. You have a voice for you to share.

5. To-do list is your best friend
Always plan
5.Eat healthy be gorgeous
 Be healthy! Master your favorite taste. Work for it.
 6.The Past is past
Accept the past as past without denying.
 Live in the moment! Learn to forgive yourself and forgive others. Say sorry don’t wait to expect to hear sorry.
7.Always Be open minded
Make sure to keep an open mind. No, you are not always right and your way of doing things might not be the best way. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak person.
 8. Travel as much as you can
Traveling is one of the best things that you can spend your money. Move to the different  country and do not afraid to fail.
Treat yourself well! Learn how to take care of yourself. Sunday is my day to take care of me well. I prefer to not  meet someone on Sunday. That’s my time to spend for myself.

10. I am perfect the way I am 

I am perfect the way I am and so you are. Don’t compare yourself to others.
11.Saving money is more important than making money.
 Learn to budget your money. If you make the ton of money then if you spend a ton of money. You will never gonna have money.

12.Always be kind to others

Be nice to everybody you meet. Because you don’t know their struggle.
13.It is okay  to cut the negative people out
So many years I kept negative people in my life. Even they gave me so much negative energy and  the impact. Just because I felt I had to really don’t wanna stray away from those people because I had friends with them for so long and just things like that. It’s okay to cut the negative people out of your life completely. You will not regret. You don’t need to have the long list of friends. Friends are a family you only can choose. Do not waste your time being with wrong people.It’s better to be alone to surrounded by fake friends.

14.It’s okay to say No

It’s okay what u wanna do and make yourself happy.

15.Enjoy your single life

If you are, you don’t need to tell anybody what’s going on in your life. Being single doesn’t mean you are alone. There is nothing wrong being single. It is just building an empire,finding yourself, healing yourself, loving yourself, being passionate and getting fit. It is growing friendships, meeting new people and making memories.
16.Look for the good in everything
You have a family makes you happy. You have food makes you healthy. And also you have a job which gives you money. You have all that you need. Be positive!

17.Study and Be curious

Don’t be afraid try new things being the best that something is not really important just go out and try it have fun. Always be motivated and research more!

18.No more gossip thank you!

Don’t talk shit.  Like literal people who talk sh*t with you about someone else is talking to that someone else sh*t about you. Think about it. Wall has ears!

19. Quality quality quality

Don’t waste your money on unnecessary things.

20.Time heals everything

Time will heal any time of heartbreak. It’s not an end of the world. It’s not the worst feeling ever. U will get over it and something greater is to come. You feel alone it’s temporary.I believe love last forever.
21.Things happen with reason
Things change. Change is good.You have a power of change everything.

22.Life is shaped by our decisions

Our life is shaped by our  choices and decisions.
23. Everything is just starting
Everything is just starting. I am still a new player. Go ahead and stay focused!
Thank you for reading
By: Terguunjargal