Many students may have a plan to trip overseas for this summer vacation. For those students who have never been to another country, or are not familiar with travel yet, I  have some tips on buying airline tickets at the reasonable price, and some helpful checklists when preparing to travel.

  1. USE AN APP! Once you have decided where you wanna go, download the airline app to your phone and search for low-cost flights. It will provide you the cheapest ticket options available. If fortune smiles upon you, you can get a business class seat at an economy class seat’s cost. So pay attention to the airline’s app.
  2. LEAVE EARLY FOR A GOOD SEAT! If you cannot reserve the seat you want, going 5 hours earlier than the flight time is a  good plan. When you ask for a seat next to the emergency exit or near front of the plane, they generally comply with your request.
  3. USE MILEAGE If you use only one airline consistently when traveling, the mileage is accumulated. You can upgrade your seats or buy the flights tickets at a discounted price by using air miles.
  4. USE A NATIONAL CARRIER WHEN TRAVELING IN SOUTHEAST ASIA There are lots of events such as special discounts and accommodations. You can sometimes get a discount for travel in the city and meal you use your destination’s national flag carrier. ex) Indonesia: Garuda Indonesia, The Philippines: Philippine airlines, Cebu Pacific Air.
  5. USE A LOW-COST AIRLINE Low-cost airlines are low-cost as their name suggests, and they also hold events frequently, However, you should be careful because there are some tickets that cannot be canceled.
  6. FLIGHT COSTS VARY DEPENDING ON THE DESTINATION AND TIME OF YEAR In most cases, booking an airline ticket 19 weeks prior to departure is the cheapest, and trip in November is cheaper than any other month. ex) November: Japan, The Philippines, Thailand December: England March, Spain.


  • Passport/Visa/Plane Ticket
  • Travel insurance Card
  • International student ID card & international driver’s license
  • Spare ID pictures
  • Phone card
  • Portable umbrella
  • Hair dryer
  • Razor
  • First-aid Medicine
  • Food what you like

by: Seong so-wonPublished by: Terguunjargal

Published by: Terguunjargal