November review 2017 (EN)

I have been blogging for almost 2 years in Mongolian, but I thought it would be fun to try out in English too. By the way, I have done few posts in English and Korean. Most likely my posts are in Mongolian. I will try to write in English and Korean more frequently.
For now, I’m reviewing November.
What happened to me in November 2017
Goodbye November. You were awesome. You were very helpful in a lot of ways to set new goals and brought me a priceless moment.
Normally monthly review posts remind me how fast the month has been.
It has been an expensive month for me but worthy. I don’t remember a lot about how was the beginning of the month. Ever since, it turned to the middle of it’s, I started to depress and became so mad at everything around me without knowing why. Most likely I faced financial instability, which makes me stress as always. Eventually, my parents helped me with it. Even though, I am trying to get out the position to insist. But it doesn’t work, brings me thought that “Studying abroad sucks sometimes”.
Just sometimes!
Highlight of the month




One of the most amazing things that happened during this month was dancing with international dance instructors. I went to Kizomba Korea festival 2017, which is held on 25-27th of November. Festival organization was not that good or just didn’t meet my expectation. Maybe I was expecting a lot. But the dancers were an amazing and worthy. Thank God, there are such a dancers!

Sara Lopez’s challenge for the ladies


By the way, I have never mentioned before about my interest in dancing. I have the great interest in social dance, which are salsa bachata, kizomba… Among them, kizomba is more close to my heart and passion.

I’m so grateful to meet and have a chance to dance these international fam kiz instructors. /SanJay, Sara Lopez, Revelino& Nidia , Kristofer Mencak, Gwany&Kizzy/
Ever since I have started attending social parties, I wasn’t that sure about my improvisation and skills. But during the festival, I proved myself to me and to the others.
Swinging around with those great people were truly impressive. I have ever felt that kind of amazing sensation from the dance. Which brings me a thought, that attending salsa parties for more than 3 years was not useless. I could dance with all of them without fear, panic, and an embarrassment. I feel like,  I’m enough who I am. I am confident that I was done. I am enough what I have done and I have got.
This event switched my desire on writing about social parties in Korea and Mongolia or everywhere I go. I have a big dream about travel a world. For sure dancing will be part of it. Maybe I can be a salsa party reviewer or something else… blah blah
Dancing with international dancers would be a great opportunity to improve me.  I think it was always existing in my heart. Just now It’s releasing into action.
Kristofer Mencak, who is from Sweden, known as the most appreciated kizomba instructor.
SanJay MJ, who is from India.
Kristofer and Sanjay are made a mark in my heart. Amazing dancers!
OMG, I keep on talking about dance, so I am going visit more often salsa, bachata, and kizomba parties and write about my opinion in posts later on.
Let’s dive back to November review.
in November, I set 3 different goals, which follow:
  1. Paris KIzomba Congress by 2 years.
  2. Participate KAFF(Korean athletic fitness festival) by 31st of the March in 2018.
  3. Get the splits by 1st of April.
I added them my never-ending lists of future projects and will take care of them. I want these things to happen to my life. So I’m telling everybody and will go for it.
A little accomplishment
I’m writing down this November review on 1st of December. I’m able to fit into my old jeans that I couldn’t wear for a year, which is the result of working out 3 times a week during a month, besides my part time and classes.
Things that happened to me
  • My baby brother turned 1
  • My dear and the sweetest friend visited me. Finally 2 and half years later I had a chance to wear Korean traditional clothes, which is beautiful.
  • University colleague has also visited me.
Meeting old friend made me release, how much I have changed mentally and in other ways.
Thanks all for November. It was great.
December Goals
There is a still one entire month to accomplish some goals. At least some of them.
As a December goal or challenge or must do whatever, I will review past 6 months and the whole year. I will try to accomplish rest of my goals, that I set last year.
 See you soon in my next post.